How Increase Domain Authority of your Blog | Domain Authority Checker Tools

How Increase Domain Authority of your Blog (Domain Authority Checker Tools)

This article we will Explain to you all Quarry about  “What is Domian Authority?”, “How to Check domain authority?”, “How Increase Domain Authority”, “What is a good domain authority Score?” and “how to Calculate DA?”.

DA – Domain Authority

PA – Page Authority

How Increase Domain Authority of your Blog | Domain Authority Checker Tools

What is Domian Authority?

The search engine ranking scores developed by Domain Authority (DA) Moz predicts how well website will be on search engine results pages (SERPs). Domain authority scores range from one to 100, which are in line with the ability to rank high scores.

Domain authority is calculated by evaluating several factors, including the number of single DA scores and total links to the root domain. This score can be used when tracking websites or tracking the “ranking power” of the website over time.

How to Check domain authority?

Domain Authority or DA is a statistical measure that is known as SEOmoz or Moz of any particular website provided by SEOmoz. This is a 0 – 100 numerical number that was developed by the Moz, how is the rank of domain rank in Google search engine results?

You Can Check your Blog Domain authority in 2 Step.


Open Url below Link and As per Screen Short add your Blog name with HTTPS.

Press Authority Button and you show the second screen your Domain Authority and Page Authority.

DA PA Checker Tools.:-

How Increase Domain Authority of your Blog | Domain Authority Checker Tools

Step :- 2

You can find below Screen short your Blog Domain authority abd Page authority Detail. Example: My Blog Domain authority and Page authority you can Find in Screen short.

How Increase Domain Authority of your Blog | Domain Authority Checker Tools

How Increase Domain Authority?

Follow below 10 Step Increase Your Domain Authority.

  1. Pleas Check your current page ranking
  2. Doing Focus on Link Building
  3. Create High Quality Aim Backlink for your Blog
  4. Aware your Blog in Social Media (Blog Awarness in Social Media)
  5. Internal Linking (Page and Post Link internal blog)
  6. User Experiance Improve your Blog
  7. Prevent your blog to spammy and low quality link
  8. Beware site panalties
  9. Reasearch compatitor Blog and Note usefull information and act in your Blog.
  10. Focuse on On-Page SEO

What is a good domain authority Score?

Domain authority is a metric which was created by Moz (SaaS company), for the purpose of rating a website on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher its ranking in search engines.

After learning your domain rate, you have to understand what aspects need to be maintained to improve. It is a common fact that sites with high quality external links (such as Wikipedia or lead domain authority scale. So, it is quite understandable and fair that websites with fewer inbound links have a much lower DA score. When your website is completely new, your domain authority score will begin with one, but after increasing the number of external and inbound links, You will get a chance to boost it fast.

Note that the domain check tool is comparative. This means that understanding the results as “good” or “bad” is wrong because all sites are different in the difficulty and importance of the link.

SEO Score Checker:-

Moz DA Checker:-

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